Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Mary Halvorson med hyllest til Robert Wyatt på nytt album

Mary Halvorson gir ut albumet "Illusionary Sea" (Firehouse 12) i september 2013, og der serverer hun en hyllest til Robert Wyatt, i form av et arrangement av Philip Catherines 'Nairam' ("Maryan" på Wyatts album "Shleep").

Vi har tidligere vist til Mary Halvorsons gjestepost i "Destination Out" (oktober 2010) "--on Robert Wyatt & Indirect Influence". Der heter det bl.a.:

"The first time I heard Robert Wyatt was in 2006 when a friend played me Rock Bottom (1974). I still remember the feeling of hearing the first track, “Sea Song.” I was sitting on my living room floor in front of the stereo. It was one of those rare moments when you are so completely bowled over by a piece of music that you don’t know what to think. I wasn’t even sure I liked it; I was just completely freaked out. The music was so beautiful, so strange, incredibly dark, and entirely unlike anything I’d heard. That’s what I love about Wyatt’s music. He’s not weird for the sake of being weird. The music is purely his own."

Som bonus får dere Mary Halvorson Quintet: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert fra februar i år.

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Fytti GRIIISEN så fett!!!