Friday, July 19, 2013

Evan Parker interjuet i The Quietus

Les "Complicated Sublimity: Evan Parker Interviewed" i The Quietus (17. juli).

Vi stjeler avsnittet om Robert Wyatt:
"The first recording I did with Robert was for [Canadian jazz-poet] Paul Haine's Darn It [a 1994 album recorded with a host of avant-garde luminaries] where I was just in the studio waiting for my turn to record and Robert suggested I play a solo as a coda to the setting he had done of one of Paul's poems. Later he invited me to play on Schleep. Robert loves the studio so much that he slept there while he was making that. I think he had 48 tracks to work with and there must have been many changes of mind as each layer was added. Robert was a friend from the days when we both lived in Twickenham. My two older sons used to call in on their way home from school to see him because he could play them the music they didn't hear at home. Last time I saw him was backstage at Ornette's Meltdown".

Bildet av Evan Parker er fra Moldejazz 2008, hvor han spilte med Townhouse Orchestra (Parker, Sandell, Håker Flaten, Nilssen-Love)

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