Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kevin Ayers minnes

Det har vært mange gode ord å finne om Kevin Ayers i ulike media, etter at det ble kjent at han døde 18. februar:

Kevin Ayers: Singer, guitarist and pioneer of British psychedelic rock (The Independent 20. februar).

Kevin Ayers (The Telegraph 21. februar).

Soft Machine founder Kevin Ayers dies (BBC News 21. februar).

BBC har også med en siste hilsen fra Robert Wyatt, som begynner sånn: "About 50 years ago, someone said to me that there was another bloke with long hair in east Kent, so I should meet him because we'd be sure to get on. I did, and we did".

Farewell, Kevin Ayers... (Mojo 20. februar).

Se også korte omtaler hos bl.a. Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Clash og Billboard.

The Guardian (21. februar) trykker "Kevin Ayers: I never considered another profession' – one of his final interviews". Det ble opprinnelig trykket i Word magazine i 2008.

"The thing about Soft Machine and me," he goes on slowly, "was that I never considered another profession. My only other desire was to do as little as possible. Honestly, I just assume that whatever is going to happen to me is going to happen. There it goes: someone is there, someone isn't there. This girl is here. This food is here. I think the clever people are the ones who do a little as possible."

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