Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Martin Küchen: Hellstorm

Folkens, sjekk ut den svenske saksofonisten Martin Küchens (bl.a. Angles) mørke, dystre og vakre plate "Hellstorm" (Mathka 2012).
Undertittelen på albumet er "Man erkennt langsam das Elend, dass über uns gekommen ist", en setning Küchens far skrev i sin krigsdagbok i januar 1945.

Her er noe av det Küchen selv skriver: "Hellstorm - Man erkennt langsam das Elend, dass über uns gekommen ist" - has again THAT theme in its title. A line from my father´s unpublished war diary, penned in January 1945. And a dedication to the american author Thomas Goodrich for writing the immensely important historical book, "Hellstorm". That theme. That Temata. But only there. The music stands aside, the music does not want to have anything whatsoever to do with it, but still I am forcing the titles, like some kind of strange lyrics put to an illiteral melody, to be there. I had a need to do this record. Obviously. We went into this big Church in Lund, Sweden, me and Jakob, and it was a cold, snowy winter. And we had to work quick. Which we did. Each tune, one take".

Ta en lytt på sporet kalt "Sarajevo" og videoen, og kjøp! Sterk musikk!

Martin Küchen: baritone saxophone, radio, alto saxophone, electronic tampoura, electric toothbrush

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