Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge - Gonwards

Da er det klart at Peter Blegvad og Andy Partridge sitt album "Gonwards" gis ut 22. oktober.

Og ikke bare kommer det en CD, men du kan også sloss om de 2000 eksemplarene av et boks-sett. Om dette sies det borte hos Ape House:

* Each copy of the limited edition features a certificate hand signed by Peter Blegvad, Andy Partridge and Stuart Rowe

* The DVD-A includes the full album in hi-res stereo, two exclusive audio tracks, films for five of the album's songs, and three full song mix kits (accessible from any computer drive).

* The full package comes in a clamshell box including a pack of Loteria - a Mexican game of chance similar to bingo but using images on a deck of cards, drawn by Peter Blegvad - wherein each object depicted can be found in the song lyrics. This comes complete with a set of boards to play the game on, a set of rules and a lyric booklet.

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