Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dominoradio og Bill MacCormick

Still ørene inn på Dominoradio fra 6. juni. Her blir det non-stop sendinger i en hel uke.
Jeg stjeler følgende fra siden deres: "Presented by Domino's international roster of artists, along with friends and neighbours from the worldwide independent music community, Domino Radio will host a dynamic schedule loaded with individuality, free expression and all manner of sounds from around the world. Featuring shows by Animal Collective, Hot Chip, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, No Pain In Pop, Bobby Gillespie, Optimo, Dirty Projectors, Frieze Arts, Robert Wyatt and many others"!

Det er et lesbart intervju med Matching Mole/Canterbury bass mann Bill MacCormick borte hos  "It's Psychedelic Baby".

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