Sunday, February 21, 2010

Robert Wyatt hos Radio Popolare 1994

Denne bloggposten er en kopi (og sammensmelting) av Alessandro Achillis to kommentarer på en annen bloggpost om Wyatt og radio.
Takk til Alessandro.

"Another Wyatt radio experience, this mainly as a dj: in late November - early December 1994, he was in Milan for the book launch of "Falsi movimenti" (Italian edition of Mike King's "Wrong Movements", translated by yours truly). Radio Popolare asked him to do an interview and a short series of radio programmes.
The full Italian transcription & translation of both interview & series -- including all playlists -- is in and now you can also listen to that radio series, bucause hi-res mp3 versions (320 kbps) of all five shows are linked to a Wyatt Chronology I've uploaded on Radio Popolare website: it's all in Italian but all links (bar a couple) go to non-Italian webpages (including of course this one).
So, in order to get the Wyatt's radio series at Radio Popolare, just go to and scroll down to "1994": when you find the sentence "registra la prima, seconda e terza puntata", click on "prima" to download the first show, and then on "seconda e terza" to download the second & third shows. And in "1995" you must click on "due puntate conclusive" to download the fourth & fifth shows.

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