Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gilad Atzmon produserer Wyatt

Det ser ut som om Robert Wyatt er i gang med en ny plate! I et intervju med Gilad Atzmon i Norwich Evening News hevdes det : "This year Atzmon added the role of producer to his CV, recording and playing singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie's debut LP, Stalking Juliet, and is currently producing an album by Robert Wyatt". Bra!

NB, tilføyd 27. november etter kommentar fra Gilad Atzmon på "Robert Wyatt and Stuff": "A minor correction... the album is a product of collaboration between Ros Stephen who takes care of the string parts and some compositions, Robert who sings and inspires and myself who take care of woodwind and musical production. a lot of other people are involved. I just mentioned it because it is kind of a collaboration rather than G produces Y".

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