Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hardcore till death!!

Flaggermusene ser ut til å invadere Bergen. I dag fant jeg disse tøffingene, samt noe som må være nok en polsk gjeng. Alle samles i eget sett på Flickr nå.
"Hardcore till death!"
"Yeah..!....And justice 4 all!"


knp said...

Hardcorebats out of hell,memyselfI am out of the heat of Aiga Napa , no bats on the walls there.But luggage ended up in Athen!Its the way of the Greeks,something miserable had to happen after my gloomy,suspiciuos dream I had up front of the departure for Cypres.No Wyatting in Napa ,just discotechnoblendsofdiffrentwellknownbeats battling there way from party joints to party joint,on the purpose of attracting partystung youngsters to their shows (most likely the same show)!!!!Avoid!!!
Have a nice day!!!!

Svenn said...

Heh heh, god ferie til deg!