Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sommer er tid for avslapping. På tide å lene seg godt tilbake? Her er Ivor Cutlers betraktning omkring stoler og krakker. Diktet befinner seg i samlingen "A Flat Man" (1977) og på platen "Dandruff" (1974).


People lean back in
But only
if the chair
has a back
to stop them leaning
Backless chairs -
or stools
as we call them -
are suitable
only for leaning
forward -
or sitting bolt upright.
You would think that
people who really wanted to lean
would use
a stool.

1 comment:

knp said...

As a matter of fact,experience has told me that most drunk people will fall either right or left before tha barkeeper can stop them.
They need protection on the pelvis-sides.

But cool people do not fall of
stools ,at least not backwards!

They fall forward into someone cool`s lap or face !!

Ivor Cutler belong to the cool and groovy poets