Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Emily Haines

Sjekk ut den nye platen til Emily Haines, "Knives Don't Have Your Back". Og hvem, om ikke Robert Wyatt, har skrevet gode ord om Emily på baksiden av coveret? " Haines doesn't take a predictable route to the inside of your head. No grandstanding. She's a true daughter of the revolution, and has inherited wisdom beyond her years. So how does she reach us? By quietly closing the stage door behind her, dodging the limelight glare for now. She slips around the edge of the stage, almost disappears, keeps to the shadows like her parents taught her, then is suddenly positioned right beside your ear. She's speaking your language but don't be so sure you know what she's thinking - this might be all in code. She's drawn in breath and drawn you in, too. You're hooked but it's not her fault; maybe she was just saying "Hello". (RW)
Emily Haines er datter av Paul Haines, og er ikke coveret på hennes plate et lite nikk til "Escalator Over The Hill"?

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